Strategic Partners


GSM-base mobile communication was started in Turkey for the first time when Turkcell began to act in February 1994.

UNIVERA became a “Turkcell Solution Partner” with the contract signed on 26/10/2004 between Univera and Turkcell in the subjects of UNIVERA Mobile Sales & Distribution Systems and Logistic Solutions. This program was established in 2002 to develop Turkcell’s applications in the organizational market and covers more than 20 companies producing solutions in many different areas including mobile ticket practices, vehicle tracking, mobile marketing via SMS, health practices etc.

Turkcell rewards its most successful 6 business partners with it. “Package” applications, which are designed for specific demands of companies, are offered to the market under the main title of mobile business solutions with Turkcell’s infrastructure support within the framework of Solution Partnership Program. EnRoute is today’s most frequently used mobile sale & distribution solution in Turkey in the fast moving consuming goods’ sector. It allows direct data exchange with head offices via handheld terminals (GPRS) through this partnership. The QUEST, which is another solution of Univera being used for collecting data in the field, allows sending data online instantly to head offices via handheld computers.

Univera is Turkcell's Gold Partner in 2015...


Microsoft Co. (USA), as all we know, is the largest software company in the world with its “operating systems- software development tools- office software” and its other software products. Univera is one of “Gold Certified Partners” of Microsoft occupying the top among Microsoft’s partnership programs. In addition, Univera is a member of “ISV Partner” program allowing software companies to use Microsoft’s certain products’ licenses in their products. Also, Univera is one of the five member companies of Microsoft‘s “Mobile Business Partner Program” in Turkey. Univera uses Microsoft’s “.NET” software development technology in its solutions before all else and it prefers Microsoft Windows Mobile platform in mobile devices.


Univera has been a business partner of Oracle (USA), which is one of the largest software manufacturers in the world, since 1996 and it has been developing applications on Oracle products. Oracle, which has very strong substructure especially in database sector, and Univera have been developing applications especially on decision supporting solutions and ERP integrations.


Univera is a business partner of Logo (Turkey), which is one of the largest and the most famous software giants in Turkey, since 1995. Univera and Logo have completed many projects for many big companies like Colgate-Palmolive, Sezginler, Marshall, Doğuş Tea Manufacture etc for long years and as a result of these successful efforts, Logo rewarded Univera with the title of “the most successful business partner of the year in developing applications” in 1997 in which the title was offered for the first time. Univera and Logo have still been in strategic cooperation in many projects.


Univera and Sade Group founded a company in Amsterdam for providing supply chain management and IoT services. UniveraSade Europe will serve multinational companies which are located in Europe.

Univera and Sade Group produce solutions for companies in Turkey. Univera has mobile sales and distribution, mobile business, production and warehouse management solutions. Sade Group has software, hardware, GPS, IoT solutions. Two companies cooperated and UniveraSade Europe is founded in Amsterdam The company will produce supply chain management and IoT solutions for big companies in Europe.