Mobile Sales and Distribution Management

Mobile Sales & Distribution Practices Unıvera names its all products on Mobile Sales & Distribution Systems (MSDS) within the EnRoute Series. EnRoute Series, which has been developing since 1993, is a triplex informatics technologies’ solution for the companies, which wish to track their distribution channels in FMCG sector. This product line has the highest technology among its rivals not only in Turkey but also across the world and also has the most developed features satisfying all demands of the sector.

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Mobile Business Management

Mobile Business Management “Mobile Informatics Applications” are increasing their share in total informatics investments today on which global economy’s competitive pressure is being felt more intensively day by day. Companies are automating their many operations in the field with the help of mobile computers to ensure speed and accuracy in their field applications and thus, they are aiming to increase their service periods and customer satisfaction. Mobile applications shall be an indispensable part of business life in the near future.

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Warehouse and Production Management

Warehouse and Production Management, Supply Chain Management (SCM) subject is a new business approach model. It entered into the literature in early years of two thousands. It has become important for companies especially upon the fact that transfers of goods and materials between companies and countries have become faster as a result of effects of the rapid globalization process experienced across the world and costs in logistic processes have become more significant.

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Automatic Definition / Data Collection Solutions (AD/DC)

In our day where competitive conditions pressurize companies, technological advancements help companies to get ahead of others in terms of competition. Companies that manage their business processes with the developing technologies have the upper hand in competition.

Automatic Definition / Data Collection systems enable companies to collect and process data in a fast and error-free way.

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