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Who are we?

At Univera, we produce software that enables our customers to digitize in sales, logistics and service. With the software we produce at our R&D Center, we offer solutions from A to Z for all business processes. Geared for different industry requirements we enable business processes to be realized quickly and with minimal mistakes in areas such as Multi Channel Sales Management, Partner Management, Mobile Team Management, Warehouse and Production Management, Field Data Collection, Procurement Management etc. We provide maximum benefits for our clients by providing services in the areas of Software, Hardware and Professional Services that may be needed for the project. Today, we undertake projects in Turkey and many countries worldwide, either directly or through our solution partners.

How did we start our journey, with what values do we proceed?

To our journey, we have started on 1992 in a small office of 25m2, with 4 people, today we continue at Univera Center of 2500m2, which also includes an R&D Center, with 160+ people. Our ever-expanding team enables us to gain new perspectives, and our service is quality and our solutions are sprawling. Our story which began in Izmir, is growing with our Istanbul office and our business partners that we have acquired in various parts of the world over time. Our activities which started in OT / VT field, today include software, hardware and support and project service that we provide in sales, service and logistics software. Thanks to the technology, experience, corporate culture and working principles we possess, we are constantly improving ourselves from day to day, and continuing our story...


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Why Univera?

We are constantly improving ourselves in order to provide the most effective service to our customers since from the day we were founded. With our on-site R&D Center, we keep pace with technological developments and offer comprehensive solutions to different industries. We are one of the top 5 software companies in the world for 4 years (reports published in 2016,2017,2018 and 2019) in the POI Retail Execution report published by Promotion Optimization Institute, an independent consulting organization operating in many countries of the world.

Peer to Peer Solution

We offer all the necessary components such as software, hardware, consultancy, human resources, and support services required for the digitization of business processes in sales, logistics, and services, to our customers. Thanks to our Complete Solution approach, we facilitate the processes of digitization by meeting all the services our customers need in any project.

Project Approach

We further our project process which started with customer needs analysis, with active use of the solution on the customer side, and with development and support services we offer afterwards. With this project approach, we take side with our customers at all stages before, during and after of the project.

Package Solutions

We provide the most suitable and comprehensive services for the needs of different industries; thanks to the package solutions we have developed with our experiences we have gained over the years. While our package solutions are enriched with version transitions, they are also shaped according to the needs of our customers.


Thanks to our unconditional customer satisfaction, fast turnaround and continuity of implementation principles, we are able to maintain long term relationships with our customers.

Technology and R&D

Our R&D Center located in the Univera Center is among the On-site R&D centers of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. We develop technological solutions that we offer for institutions in our on-site R&D center and we offer to our customers capable software solutions, which work integrated with our best solution partners.

Technical Support

We know that the key to an effective IT solution is fast and comprehensive support. Our expert technical services in Istanbul and Izmir produce urgent solutions for the both software and hardware needs.

Our Mission

To develop the software that brands can manage sales, service and logistics processes in one platform and provide all the services needed for complex digitalization of these processes.

Our Vision

To increase and maintain awareness of our brand in Turkey, in 10 years, to be recognized as the leader as Turkish Software Company in its field primarily in target countries, and then eventually the world.

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