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With Logo (Turkey), one of the largest and most recognized software houses in Turkey, we have been working as a business partner since 1995... For many years with Logo we put our signature to many successful projects for major companies such as Colgate-Palmolive, Sezginler, Marshall, Doğuş Çay and as a result of these efforts in 1997 as Univera; we received the award of "The Most Successful Application Development Business Partner of the Year" given by Logo for the first time that year. We are still working with Logo as Univera as a strategic business partner in many projects.


Microsoft Corp. (USA), as we all know, is the world's largest software company with "operating systems-software development tools-office software" and other software products. At Univera, we have the title of "Gold Certified Partner" which is among the top of Microsoft's partnership programs. We are also a member of the "ISV Partner" program, which allows software companies to license certain products from Microsoft to their products. In addition, we are one of the five among the member companies in Turkey of Microsoft's "Mobile Business Partner Program". Univera solutions primarily use Microsoft's ".NET" software development technology, while mobile devices prefer the Microsoft Windows Mobile platform primarily.


As Univera, since 1996, we are partnering with ORACLE (USA), one of the world's largest software producers; we are developing applications on ORACLE products. We are developing applications especially with ORACLE, a very strong infrastructure in the field of databases, especially on decision support solutions and ERP integrations.

Sade Group

Combining our forces with Sade Group with whom we put our signatures to many successful projects in the IT industry, we have established UniveraSade Europe in the Netherlands to also realize successful projects in Europe. For many years, we have been offering solutions in mobile sales, distribution and warehouse management in Turkey, and producing projects for many national and multinational firms. Especially with the projects in abroad in recent years, we focus on export activities; we have crowned these activities with UniveraSade Europe since 2016. In partnership with Sade Group, we provide services to companies in Europe on IOT and Mobile Business Solutions.


GSM-based mobile communications in Turkey began with Turkcell coming into service in February 1994.

Univera became a "Turkcell Solution Partner" in the field of Mobile Sales and Distribution Systems and Logistics Solutions after the agreement signed with Turkcell on 26/10/2004.

We offer "package" applications designed for the needs of establishments within the frame of Turkcell Partner Program under the main title of mobile business solutions, with Turkcell's infrastructure support. Today, on the fast-moving consumer goods industry, EnRoute, our most widely used Mobile Sales-Distribution solution across Turkey is capable of direct data exchange with their business centers with handheld terminals (GPRS), thanks to this partnership. Another product of ours, QUEST, the field data collection software, is able to send data directly from the handheld computers to the centers... As Univera, we are among Turkcell's Gold Partners in 2015.

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