Warehouse and Production Management

Warehouse and Production Management, Supply Chain Management (SCM) subject is a new business approach model. It entered into the literature in early years of two thousands. It has become important for companies especially upon the fact that transfers of goods and materials between companies and countries have become faster as a result of effects of the rapid globalization process experienced across the world and costs in logistic processes have become more significant.

The aim in SCM systems is that a company can easily monitor, manage and rapidly ship its all raw materials, materials, semi-products and products and it can always work based on accurate data. Accuracy shall accelerate its working and also minimizes customers’ complaints. Being organized in the globalizing world improves products’ quality standards continuously and thus, raises products’ standards also. As a result, companies have to run their data processing substructures with more modern and innovative solutions. StokBarPlus was designed as a result of feedbacks and expectations received by Univera from its customers in such type of projects since 1992. Univera converted its knowledge and experience acquired by performing more than 200 warehouse projects since 1992 into a warehouse and manufacturing monitoring system with a new software substructure in which customers produce their business processes completely by themselves.

Then, StokBar Panorama, which is Turkey’s first process-base modifiable Warehouse and Manufacturing Management System, was produced. Stokbar Panorama is one of the most competent applications. With its regular versioning system and comprehensive sector specific adaptation features, it is able to satisfy all warehouse and manufacturing demands of multi-national companies, which wish to take place, as a global actor, not only in Turkish market but also in the world’s business markets. Storage processes, which have an important role in continuity of a supply chain, provide significant benefits and profits if they are managed effectively.
Stokbar Panorama is a dynamic system designed for managing all operations, which might be performed in a warehouse, effectively and efficiently and for ensuring completion of the operations correctly in the possible shortest time with minimum personnel and machinery resource without needing paper.

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