Mobile Sales and Distribution Management

Mobile Sales & Distribution Practices Unıvera names its all products on Mobile Sales & Distribution Systems (MSDS) within the EnRoute Series. EnRoute Series, which has been developing since 1993, is a triplex informatics technologies’ solution for the companies, which wish to track their distribution channels in FMCG sector. This product line has the highest technology among its rivals not only in Turkey but also across the world and also has the most developed features satisfying all demands of the sector.

Mobile Sales & Distribution Systems (MSDS) Unıvera serves its customers with a wide range of products and services, from decision support software in the head-office to the hand-held computer applications of a field sales representative, in Mobile Sales-Distribution Practices, which are by the way known as “Route Accounting” or “Invoicing-Getting Order Practices in Vehicle” in our country.

Since 1993, Unıvera has been installing mobile sales-distribution automation projects to the sales and distribution channels of World and Turkey’s well known fast moving consumption goods (FMCG) brands. Some of these companies are: Agfa Film, Algida, Balküpü, CocaCola, Colgate Palmolive, Düzey Pazarlama, Efes Pilsen, Eti, Henkel, Kraft, Marsa, Marshall, Procter&Gamble, Sezginler, Tuborg, Uludağ, Unilever, Ülker, Yapaş(Pınar). Unıvera has standardized all the experience gained from these projects and created EnRoute product family. Unıvera’s mobile sales and distribution systems with hand held computers can answer two widely known sales types systems; that is Order Collecting (Pre-sell) system in which the orders are collected by sales representatives and they are fulfilled after invoiced in the head office, and Invoicing in Vehicle (Hot-sell) system in which invoices are issued via hand held computers and portable printers in the customer’s office.

These systems, which accelerate distribution organizations’ order collection and/or hot sales transactions and make them more accurate, pay back their investment costs to the enterprises in a short time by benefits like increased sales quantities, accurate stock tracking, savings on vehicle and personnel, detailed sales and order analysis, timely revenue collections. EnRoute Product Line is in a shape of pyramid. EnRoute Mobile (ERM) software exists at the bottom of the pyramid. It works in hundreds of handheld computers of sales representatives, who work in field. With ERM, they make sales, collect orders and send revenue and penetration information to the head office. EnRoute Plus (ER+) is the back office software working in distributors. It sends and receives information to and from ERMs and at the same time, it communicates with EnRoute Central software that is in the head office of the company.

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