EnRoute Panorama Mobile Sales and Distribution Management Solution

EnRoute Panorama mobile sales and distribution management solution solves the requirements of companies that reach consumers through a distribution channel to coordinate their sales and distribution activities “centrally”. Today, more than 4000 enterprises across 12 countries rely on EnRoute Panorama for their strategic decision-making process. Powered with data mining tools, EnRoute Panorama processes millions lines of data in a blink of the eye speed, for achieving healthy managerial decisions by analyzing and evaluating all present data right from the field.

EnRoute Panorama mobile sales and distribution management solution helps you gain real-time visibility, consistent understanding and proactive control over all your channel operations. EnRoute Panorama is designed to adjust all your needs in sales and distribution and supports different functioning models. You can benefit from our mobile sales and distribution management solution as an end-to-end sales channel system, as a semi back-office application or only as a mobile field data collection solution.

Benefits of EnRoute Panorama Mobile Sales and Distribution Management Solution

  • Central management and control over the field
  • Increased time for customer relations
  • Increased sales representative efficiency
  • Accurate and quicker sales process
  • Quicker sales and invoicing 
  • Increase in frequency of visits
  • Accelerated end of day calculations
  • Increase in flexibility and reactivity
  • Stronger information infrastructure
  • Decrease in stock costs
  • Decrease in production and supply costs
  • Decrease in organization costs
  • Operational optimization
  • Increase in customers’ trust with computerized calculations
  • Reaching customers on time 
  • Closer contacts with customers
  • Increase in customer loyalty
  • Effectiveness in promotional campaigns
  • Increase in availability and penetration
  • Opportunity for competition analysis and benchmarking
  • Decrease in overall operational field costs
  • Strong infrastructure for analysis

Features of EnRoute Panorama Mobile Sales and Distribution Management Solution

  • 100% web based infrastructure on Microsoft ASP.NET architecture.
  • Open database architecture with MS SQL Server.
  • Adjustable user interfaces.
  • Reports and evaluations shared by both central management and regional sales teams through multi-level user rights.
  • Detailed analysis through highly comprehensive and hierarchical data segmentation system. 
  • On-line and/or off-line remote access for central or field users
  • Centrally updated retailer information
  • Up-sell & cross-sell scenarios and realistic market forecasts.
  • Centralized management for discount policies, price lists, campaigns and special offers.
  • Overall sales and distribution evaluation reports by region and/or country.
  • Better sales and channel management decisions with correct business insights right from the field.
  • Central monitoring of all entries and visits per sales rep 
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