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EnRoute Panorama

EnRoute Panorama Solutions arose from the need of companies which use distribution channels to meet the consumer with their products to coordinate their sales and distribution activities “centrally” in a competitive environment.

EnRoute Panorama is the most crucial application of more than 4000 corporations in 12 countries coaching top management in their strategic decisions by processing millions lines of data in a short time using data mining tools.

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Quest Panorama More Information

Quest Panorama is a simple, easy to apply, easy to learn and easy to adapt web based mobile business management tool operating on the Univera Panorama infrastructure. It is a flexible application that can be used for monitoring the activities of all staff working on the field.

Its basic function is to collect the customer activities of field staffs throughout the day with the help of the forms on the hand held computers, and allow them to be reported via internet. All kinds of forms that can be collected on the paper can be created on the hand held computer. The central users can monitor all these activities with the developed dynamic reporting tool.

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Stokbar Panorama More Information

Univera developed StokBar Panorama for solving warehouse and production monitoring problems of companies based on the experience and know-how coming from the domestic and overseas projects.

Interface layers of new StokBar Panorama, designed as 100% of web base, are able to work in multi-language and multinational reporting possibilities.

Operations, data and interfaces are designed independent from each other. In application, new generation of internet based programming technologies are used for compatibility with probable communication and data transferring infrastructures of the future.

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Panorama Social More Information

Panorama Social is an enterprise social network developed for corporal use. With Panorama Social, you can manage all your work processes and you can communicate with your team in a fast and effective way.

Our network changes the way you work, gives you an opportunity to unite your field team with your office team in one single platform. It increases your performance by cooperation and fast action.

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