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Panorama Platform Update: New version 7.0 welcomes social engagement in end-to-end supply chain management.

Univera’s Panorama Platform has long led the way in giving companies the power to plan and execute their supply chain strategies faster and more productive. You can follow up all steps from production to point of sales with Panorama, including warehousing, shipment, sales and even after-sales satisfaction measurements.

Univera - HaberNow with the launch of Panorama 7.0, we are further extending the power of social engagement to work together more effectively with co-workers as well as with customers, partners, and suppliers. PanoramaSocial is a new tool that comes with Panorama 7.0, helping communication among these bodies using the power of the internet and social networking.

Getting Business Social with PanoramaSocial

Going far beyond social media usage for socializing, social networking is “about facilitating people-to-people communication and collaboration, which is at the heart of managing and executing supply chain processes” as Adrian Gonzales referred in his articles about social business networks. Nailing this point, PanoramaSocial is the business social networking solution for effective interaction across the entire network of suppliers. It helps to businesses to communicate, collaborate and share experiences over a reliable and controlled environment.

Panorama users on any point of the supply chain, both inside or outside the organization, can now communicate in more a social and effortless way. With PanoramaSocial, users share their best practices, knowledge and data. It helps fast and effective solution of problem areas providing a common pool of resources and ideas among all parties of trading partners. This interaction between multiple organizations that builds up your supply chain will save you time and increase your productivity.

Leverage the power of social networking for SCM

As the effect of information access via social channels has conquered our way of living, PanoramaSocial stands out as a productive way of communication among the supply chain parties rather than email and other methods. Everyone can be contacted at all times without the need for waiting around for read emails.

Univera - HaberSharing field experience on the go over PanoramaSocial, brings quick and instant solutions to challenges. Business processes flow seamlessly in a more engaging way resulting with more participation from users. Functions such as task assignment, messaging, creating user groups can all be carried on PanoramaSocial.

PanoramaSocial is also a great tool to close the generation gap, as generation Y is born in the open non-hierarchal world of social media. Rather than implementing a 3rd party solution for social, PanoramaSocial comes out of the box with Panorama 7.0, helping you adopt new gen effective communication techniques right away.

As new generation users look for easy to use apps with customizable screens on their mobile devices, we’ve also enhanced our mobile user experience with Panorama 7.0. To make Panorama 7.0 as easy to use as other social personal technologies, we renewed all our mobile user interfaces with Material Design philosophy of Google. 25 years of experience in supply chain management has transformed in to a platform that is easy to use and accommodate technology users of all ages and experiences.

If you also believe social networking has the potential to improve your processes enabling greater efficiency than welcome to PanoramaSocial! Rather than limit your co-workers mobile functionality to limited and isolated out of the box solutions, it’s the time to incorporate social networking capabilities into your collaboration platform. For a closer look at the full range of new capabilities of Panorama 7.0, reach out to us at