About Us

Univera is an international solutions company that helps business with a total command in their daily operations. As the leader in mobile business solutions, we deliver unparalleled solutions for sales and distribution, warehouse and logistics and business management. Our Panorama Platform harnesses the world’s leading organizations in sales and distribution, warehousing and manufacturing, supplier and logistics together. Powered with dynamic reporting tools our solutions help our users to make better and faster business decisions and thrive in competition.

Univera is a trusted partner to some of the world’s largest brands, including Brown Forman, GSK, JTI, La Lorraine, L’Oreal, Mars, Mondelez, Nestle, Nivea, Opet, SC Johnson, Reckitt Benckiser Vodafone.

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Univera solutions are grouped under four headlines according to focus and specialization.

Our partnership with the leading IT hardware companies enables us to provide comprehensive solutions for our customers. We represent the well-known brands in the sector such as Intermec, Motorola, Symbol, HP, Zebra and Toshiba-TEC and we provide high level technical support for some of these products as well. With our strong background in AD/DC (Automatic Defining/Data Collecting) solutions since 1992, we bring tailor made solutions and services together as well, as the following:

  • Projects on industrial data collecting

  • Systems for manufacturing and quality monitoring

  • Tailor made mobile informatics practices

  • Barcode printers and readers

  • Labelling practices

  • ERP integrations

  • RFID practices

Our main focus is on the projects for Supplier Chain Management (warehouse management, distribution management, logistic automation, manufacturing and quality monitoring, supplier and distributor management, etc.). These processes have become the crucial items in our economically globalised world, where we have developed end-to end successful solutions.

We’ve combined our significant experience and knowledge on Mobile Informatics Technologies and AD/DC solutions to become the leader in our field. Our clients purchase experiences and accumulations of hundreds of other projects when purchasing one Univera package solution, which led us to a consecutive trend of growth over the years.

International Projects

With our vision of “become one of the top system integrators with our in-house developed sales and logistics solutions” we extended our operations across Caspian Region and Eastern Europe in 2003. We aimed to wide-spread our successfully completed local projects in the companies with foreign capital across Turkey since 1992, to Europe, Asia, Middle East and African countries joined forces with these companies’ guidance and support.

We started to work on international expansion projects in 1997 and installed manufacturing software developed specifically for JTI, the global tobacco company, in its factories based in Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Tanzania and Romania. The same year, we deployed a logistics solution in Thailand under the global agreement signed with Dimon Tobacco, which is one of the largest companies in tobacco processing. We’ve shown a significant effort to move the project to the other countries such as China, Macedonia, Greece and India.

Besides, we started to expand our installed project base at local multi-national companies in Mobile Sales Distribution Systems (MSDS) to their operations in other countries. As an example, we initially completed a successful installation for Colgate Palmolive in Turkey in 1998, then expanded the project to the company’s organizations in Russia and Poland. Besides, a solution similar to Turkuaz was deployed for sales organizations of Unilever and Nestle in Kazakhstan in 2002 and it went alive within a short while. Then, the project was widened to cover Kyrgyzstan operations.

We successfully completed our first international EnRoute Plus project in Kazakhstan for Turquoise Group, in 2003.

Since then we never stopped in implementing our mobile sales and distribution solutions for an enhanced field service experience.  Today we have coverage in 18 countries and carry out our operations both for national and multinational users.

Our History

Univera Computer Systems Industry and Trade Corporation is an information technology company founded in 1992 to address AD/DC (Automatic Defining / Data Collecting) Technologies and mobile applications. Our initial company name was Egeporcan and it was an affiliate of Porcan Informatics Community Company between 1992 and 2002. In the course of years, Univera went through a rapid growth and expanded market coverage, became a market leader in Turkey.   

With more than 140 employees, Univera develops solutions especially for sales and distribution, logistic systems, labelling applications and other AD/DC technologies. All these solutions are available both for all national and international customers through direct and channel sales and support coverage. Univera solutions empowers business users and decision makers in 22 countries.    

Our Key Differentiators  

We work with more than half of 500 largest private industrial companies in Turkey.*

46 large FMCG companies use our Mobile Sales and Distribution Management System EnRoute with its all components since October.*

(*) Capital 500 Research, 2010

Here’s why they chose us:

End-to-end Solution: Univera is a system integrator with vertical expertise and offers solutions under a complete solution approach. All hardware, software and services - from mobile computers to vehicle printers, from barcode labels to application software and from installation, training and project management services to personnel selection - can be supplied from Univera within a single project.  

Packaged Solutions: Univera works through the real “Package Application” philosophy in software development although it is very hard to put this approach into practise. Univera has an unmatched expertise arising from hundreds of successfully completed projects and flexible-design package infrastructure. By all means, a project delivered by Univera does not depend on individuals. All solutions are constructed by teams according to package logic and update versions are published regularly. All these products are alive and keep on evolving continuously. When a user gets a packaged solution from Univera, he also gets experiences and accumulations from hundreds of customers and projects.

Project Approach: Univera doesn’t consider a project as completed just after installation and trainings are completed. The essential point is not only to make a project go live, but also to keep it alive over the years. Univera founded its whole organization to deliver rapid and successful projects and a regular maintenance system. Beside the technical services and software support departments, there are two more departments under the Customer Services Unit. These are “Professional Services” and “Call-Center” departments. Project leaders and application consultants with vertical expertise and Univera’s sector-specific application skills work for Professional Services. On the other hand, Univera’s Call Center provides remote support to users. All customer calls are monitored via a modern CRM system and issues are solved rapidly.

Human Resources: We’re proud with our low employee turn-over rate at Univera. Many of our many colleagues have been working for the company since it was founded. Our team is full of energy, we’re dynamic and friendly. Each Univera employee knows well what our customers mean to us and acts so. We’re a customer-oriented solution company and we are committed to keep our growth pace based on our valuable internal resources.

Quality: Quality is a priority for Univera. Our products (for EnRoute Panorama, Quest Panorama, StokBar Panorama) received grant funds from Scientific And Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK). Under this program, TUBITAK grants R&D support to the companies that develop high-technology products and have foreign market opportunity. Univera’s software development processes are based on scientific academic principals and regularly audited by the authorities.

Technology and R&D: Univera works with innovation through continuous improvement. Our R&D department constantly evaluates new technologies, develops in-house products and introduces them to the market since 1992. For instance, AKROBAT, a vehicle printer set that works in thousands of fleet cars in Turkey, was initially designed by Unıvera and then many similar products have been manufactured under the patent of Univera. Another example is, the first on-line GPRS-Edge sales automation project which interrogates bilaterally on Turkcell infrastructure was carried out by Univera. Same innovative approach applies for software technologies as well. All our products are developed on Microsoft .Net architect reflecting international software standards.

Customer-Focused: Univera develops custom solutions since 1992 to fit specific business needs. All our departments work for “unconditional customer satisfaction”, “rapid feedback” and “continuity of the application”. Our uninterrupted relations with our national and international giant companies are a result of this level of service.

Vision: All our mobile supplier chain solutions follow the new era SCM best-practices and compete equally against competition. A Univera customer always owns the best in-line business applications, the most advanced technological products and the best business decision support systems. A Univera customer gains a competitive edge with these tools.

Technical Support: We’re well aware of the fact that broad and rapid support coverage is vital for an end-to-end IT solution. Therefore, our customer services group builds up urgent solutions for any software and hardware requirement in connection with our software support team (application consultancy, software support, call-center and implementation groups) and expert technical service teams in Istanbul and Izmir. We’re also well aware of the importance of providing on premise services for our customers at their own locations. Therefore we provide local service facilities for our customers in more than 50 cities across Turkey under support and maintenance contracts. Moreover, this support is not only restricted to our in-house developed software, hand computers and barcode equipment. Our agreements with leading service providers in Turkey enables us to support a wide range of IT hardware including PCs, servers, UPS, printers and modems.

Specialization: Univera has specialized especially on four areas:

  • Sales-Distribution Management (Dealer automation)

  • Warehouse and Manufacturing Management

  • Supplier and Logistics Management

  • Mobile Business Management

When you purchase an application solving the above mentioned business issues, you don’t only buy a software and hardware, but also receive an ultimate combination of project management, proven expertise, system analyses, business consultancy and fast deployment.